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How to Add Cronos to MetaMask: Step-by-step Guide

MetaMask is most commonly utilized for interacting with the Ethereum network, but it's also possible to introduce other chain networks, like Cronos. Cronos is an Ethereum virtual machine blockchain that's running on a Proof of Authority (PoA). It also has its own currency, CRO. By adding Cronos to MetaMask, you'll be able to store, send, or receive tokens on the Cronos blockchain.

Learn how to add Cronos to your MetaMask wallet to access your funds and tokens.
Cronos to Metamask - Is Crypto Over

Add Cronos to MetaMask Browser Extension

Step 1. Install and Set Up MetaMask

If you've already installed MetaMask, you can just go ahead and skip this step. But if you haven't, then hold on to your hats because we're about to take a wild ride!

To download the extension, you'll need to navigate to the MetaMask website, which can be found at this URL: Once you're there, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride of your life! The MetaMask extension is available for a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

After you've downloaded the extension, it's time to click it and follow the on-screen instructions. This will involve setting a password and storing your secret recovery phrase, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy! Are you ready for this adventure? Let's go!

Step 2. Add Cronos Network

After you've completed the installation and account creation process, it's time to launch the MetaMask wallet extension. Once you've got that up and running, click on the network dropdown box. Then, brace yourself for the excitement because the next step is to click the "Add Network" button. This will bring up a window that allows you to add a custom network, which is where the real fun begins. You'll need to add the details one by one manually, but don't worry - we've got a hot tip for you. Instead of typing them in, try copy-pasting the details. It's a real game changer, trust us. Get ready to embark on this wild ride!

Cronos Network Details

Once you have finished copy-pasting the network details, the next step is to click the save button. After that, something amazing will happen - the Cronos network will automatically get changed on your MetaMask wallet! It's like magic, but better because it's real!

Add Cronos to MetaMask Mobile Application

Step 1. Download MetaMask Application

It is possible to bypass this stage of the process if the mobile MetaMask application has already been installed on your device. However, if you have not yet installed the application, you may obtain it from a variety of sources, including the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Once the download has completed, it is necessary to launch the application and select the "Get Started" option.

You will then be presented with two alternatives: "Create a New Wallet" and "I already have a wallet." If you already have a wallet with the MetaMask platform, you will need to select the latter option and input your seed phrase. If not, you will need to choose "Create a New Wallet," which is a simple process that necessitates the creation of a password and the storage of your seed phrase or recovery phrase.

Step 2. Add Cronos Network

After the installation is complete, a sense of urgency will overwhelm you to tap recklessly on the three parallel lines that lurk on the upper left side of your MetaMask application. Intense anticipation will then lead you to tap on "Settings," which will trigger a series of multiple options to appear before your eyes. As you feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, you will then be required to tap on "Networks," which will make you feel like you are on the brink of a breakthrough.

Finally, after much anticipation, you will be able to see pre-existing networks, which will make you feel like you are on the verge of discovering something new. The climax will be reached when you tap on "Add Network," which will lead you to a state of euphoria.

You need to add the Cronos network details:

Cronos Network Details

  • Network Name: Cronos

  • New RPC URL:

  • ChainID: 25

  • Symbol: CRO

  • Block Explorer URL:

Tap on [Save], the Cronos network will automatically get changed on your MetaMask wallet application.


In conclusion, integrating Cronos into MetaMask is a simple process that can be accomplished with just a few easy steps. By adding the Cronos network to MetaMask, users can easily store, send, and receive tokens on the Cronos blockchain. Whether you are using the desktop or mobile application, the process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Overall, adding Cronos to MetaMask is a useful feature that can expand the functionality of the MetaMask platform and provide access to a new blockchain network.

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