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Bulk Send NFTs: How to Easily and Efficiently Distribute Your Digital Assets

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent ownership of a unique asset. With increasing popularity, efficient distribution of NFTs has become a top priority for many companies. Bulk sending of NFTs is an important part of this process. It helps in delivering the digital assets quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Bulk sending of NFTs has the potential to save time, money and effort for many companies.

In this article, we will discuss bulk sending of NFTs, how it works, its benefits and how companies can go about efficiently and cost-effectively distributing their digital assets.

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NFT Bulk send - Is Crypto Over

What is Bulk Sending of NFTs?

Bulk sending of NFTs refers to the process of transferring multiple NFTs at once, rather than individually transferring each NFT. This is useful for NFT creators and store owners who want to transfer or list a large number of NFTs in a marketplace.

There are different ways to perform bulk transfers of NFTs, depending on the platform or tool used. For example, on OpenSea, up to 20 NFTs can be sent in a single transaction. NFTify Network provides a bulk upload feature that allows NFTs to be transferred en masse from their original storage location to a marketplace server and listed for sale. Another option is NFTically, which allows up to 5000 NFTs to be transferred in a single batch.

The ERC-1155 token standard is also mentioned as a useful tool for batch token transfers, as it can support both non-fungible and fungible tokens, and is faster and more efficient than other standards in this regard

How To Bulk Send NFTs?

Bulk sending of NFTs refers to the process of transferring multiple NFTs at once. Here are some general steps on how to bulk send NFTs:

  • Choose a platform that supports bulk transfers of NFTs. Some popular options include Opencbot, BatchTransfer, NFTically, and OpenSea.

  • Prepare your NFTs. Make sure that the NFTs are properly stored in a wallet or other storage location, and that they are ready to be transferred.

  • Determine the format required by your chosen platform. Some platforms may require you to upload an Excel or JSON file containing the necessary information about your NFTs, such as the token ID and recipient address. Others may have a specific format for inputting the necessary information.

  • Input the necessary information. This may include the token ID, recipient address, and any other required details. Make sure that the information is accurate and complete.

  • Approve the transfer. Some platforms may require you to approve the transfer of your NFTs, either by approving the use of the platform to transfer your tokens or by approving the transaction itself.

  • Review and confirm the transaction. Make sure that you review the details of the transaction, including the gas fee, and confirm that you want to proceed with the transfer.

The specific steps may vary depending on the platform you are using, so be sure to refer to the platform's documentation or support resources for more detailed instructions.

Benefits of Bulk Sending of NFTs

Bulk sending of NFTs can have various benefits. One of the main benefits is that it saves time, especially when compared to uploading NFTs one by one, which can take up to a week or more. Additionally, owning multiple NFTs can increase their value as they become more collectible and exclusive, leading to greater demand and potentially higher prices.

Bulk sending of NFTs can also provide advantages in terms of digital rights management, which is one of the key benefits of NFTs. These tokens can help establish proof of ownership, and they are indivisible, ensuring that ownership is associated with a single account and cannot be distributed among multiple owners. Businesses can use NFTs to grant their audience access to exclusive communities or events, or even use them as tickets.

Overall, the benefits of bulk sending of NFTs include saving time, increasing their value, establishing proof of ownership, and granting access to exclusive communities or events.


Q. What is bulk sending of NFTs?

Bulk sending of NFTs is a method of quickly and securely distributing large numbers of digital tokens via a decentralized protocol. It can be used to quickly and cost effectively distribute NFTs to a large group of people.

Q. How does bulk sending of NFTs work?

The process of bulk sending of NFTs involves the sender initiating a transaction to the recipient. This transaction is then broadcasted to the network and the NFTs are quickly sent to the recipient. The sender and recipient need to have the same network wallet in order to successfully make the transaction.

Q. What are the benefits of bulk sending of NFTs?

The benefits of utilizing bulk sending of NFTs include quick and cost-effective distribution, manageable transactions and increased security.


Bulk sending of NFTs is a great way to quickly and cost-effectively distribute your digital assets to a large group of people. It is a simpler and more efficient process than manually sending each token separately. The process of bulk sending of NFTs is fast, secure and easy to manage. Companies can benefit from using this method to quickly and cost-effectively distribute their digital assets.

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